By now, thousands and thousands of little paper people have been mailed around the world by classrooms as virtual foreign exchange students in something known as the flat stanley project.  if you haven’t seen one of these in person, then certainly you’ve seen one on TV shows such as Good Morning America.  Well, wyatt’s flat stanley has made his transition to the web as “flat scanley.”

By harnessing the power of the internet, color printers, scissors (thanks, leonardo!), and digital cameras, flat scanley can now travel the world at light speed!

Read on, and let’s create some adventures together!

Name: Flat Scanley

Age: 7

Home: oneida, NY

Occupation: traveler

Favorite Hero: his creator and custodian, Wyatt Becker

Inspired by: flat stanley creator, Jeff Brown and F. S. project creator, Dale hubert


Wyatt’s Flat Scanley needs you!

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